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Sexual harassment experienced by youths is prevalent; schools very rarely intervene.

Anyone can be a harasser or a victim of harassment. Both boys and girls can be targeted in cases of sexual harassment. No one has to tolerate harassment. It must be dealt with both in schools and outside of them.

Of upper comprehensive school students, 61% of girls and 46% of boys have experienced sexual harassment at some time or repeatedly.*

70% of youths who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans gender have experienced harassment**

* Student health survey by the National Institute for Health and Welfare 2013
** Alanko 2013.

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You see or hear about discrimination taking place at your school. What do you do?

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1) Leave the scene

2) I don’t say anything, so that I don’t become the next target

3) I tell those present that I do not condone what happened

4) I tell the harasser to stop


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